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Read Naruto 666 Spoiler Manga - The Mystery Behind Sasuke's Back

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Either way, IMO it isn't a surprise at all that he can use sage techniques. Why he didn't go into sage kyuubi mode, it could be that maybe he couldn't & isn't with the same relationship to the kyuubi that Naruto is. As for sage mode, there are a variety of reasons why he might've/might not have done some things. When he was facing Obito, he was under duress and didn't have time to do a lot of things, let alone gather natural energy, and he needed his chakra to deflect blasts, move the kyuubi, transport his family around, fight Obito, etc. I think when it comes to Sage mode, this is one area that Kishimoto did a decent job (IMO) of showing how Naruto is more advanced than both Jiraiya and Minato.

I don't remember Jiraiya being mentioned as 'the best' at entering it, and I wouldn't believe he was anyway because Jiraiya needed to summon Ma/Pa frog to help gather natural energy whereas Naruto doesn't and can take advantage of his shadow clones. In fact one of the thigns I'm most surprised at in this whole war is that Naruto hasn't summoned the frogs at all (that I can remember). Granted... I think he went into that mode 'quickly'. But I'm not surrpised he did it.

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Naruto 666 Spoiler - Reuniting the Ying and Yang Kyuubi

The long awaiting finally comes to an end! Naruto chapter 666 spoiler is now out to satisfy your naruto 666 manga cravings! Make it a habit to sneak-a- peek daily here, we bring the latest and rawest spoilers right before your very eyes. I have absolutely no problem with Minato knowing these modes. As for Sage mode, I can't understand why he didn't use it to save the village, his son, and his wife, if he had it at that time. Also, he can easily master all of these modes but he couldn't fuse Nature and Shape Manipulation or is that coming up next and he nails Madara with some brand new jutsu?
Well, Obito is going to steal other half of Kyuubi chakra from Madara, that is for sure. I bet that he will pull it, send via Kamui into other dimension. Then he will take on Madara alone, while Kakashi will lvl up his Kamui taking Naruto into dimension he shares with Obito, and then put kyuubi chakra into Naruto. That makes sense at all. If you want, just add version where he sends both kyuubi chakra from Madara, and from himself. Minato was in Sage Mode when he used the Rasengan, so the Rasengan obviously had sage chakra. Maybe the Senpou denotes a technique that is exclusive to Sage Mode. Naruto couldn't do double rasengans regularly but could in sage Mode, thus Senpou. If he were able to do them out of Sage Mode at some point, they would cease to classify as Senpou. I think this is the distinction. What is happening with Obito is that he's not in a way depleting Madara's power by ripping apart the power of the Bijuu's from him but rather what is happening is that he's "re-forming" his own power. Remember Shukaku give its jinchuuriki the ability to manipulate sand, that power still remained in Gaara even after the Shukaku was extracted, the same is happening with Obito, having shared his own body with the Juubi should have made some residual amount of power of the latter left in the body of the former, so he can easily re-form his own "power" ( the Juubi power he had ) using Madara's power ( Juubi power ) as a medium. As redemption, he will give what he obtained as a result to Naruto in an attempt to revive him...but how? he'll easily get his ass kicked If he does so. I just want to say the resengan was down graded. Kakashi took a sage chakra resengan to the stomach and was standing literally seconds later. I'm kind of glad Minato gain sage mode to replace the kyuubi, he definitely needs it. He wasn't I only defeated but embarrassed in two panels. The only good thing about bring Minato was was to show he had more his arsenal,but also showed he was a overrated failure.

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Naruto 665 Prediction- Redemption
Naruto 665 Prediction- Redemption
Madara has joined black Zetsu in the fight!?

*The scene begins with where we left off, Madara is standing right in front of them*

Madara: I didn't think it would take so long to retrieve an eye from a nearly dead corpse.

Black Zetsu: The 4th hokage and son of the white fang aren't to be underestimated.

Madara: *Smirks* Hmph....I wonder about that...

*The scene switches to Spiral zetsu*

*Hiruzen surprise attacks Spiral zetsu from behind with Enma*

*Spiral Zetsu turns and counters with mokuton* (similar to when Oro binded Enma with his snakes)

Hiruzen: Tch!

Spiral Zetsu: I wonder what it's like for an old geezer like yourself when you poop.

Hiruzen: *smirks* Don't let your guard down.

*Aye blitzes spiral zetsu from behind and rams him in to the Buddha*

Onoki: Hiruzen, Raikage, jump!

*Both fall back*

Oonoki: Jiinton!

Spiral Zetsu: Not so fast!

*The Buddha counters with its 5 elements*

*Tsunade strikes from behind, knocking the face of Spiral Zetsu off and killing him*

Tsunade: *Pant* *Pant.* !....This is!

*The scene switches to Sasuke*

???: There is still time, luckily my powers are enough to save you.

*Team taka reaches Sasuke*

Orochimaru: Kabuto...

Karin: Ehh??? Kabuto? He looks a little scaley like you Orochimaru Sama.

Kabuto: ....You want his body don't you Orochimaru sama.

Orochimaru: ....

Kabuto: I've decided I am done following in your path, I've decided to change.

Orochimaru: *Smirks* How ironic...since I have changed too.


Kabuto: Calm down Karin, i'm already preparing to do what needs to be done.

Orochimaru: Kabuto, let me do this

Kabuto: *serious face* I know you want to transfer in to his body with your soul, but I can't trust you

Orochimaru: ...

Kabuto: As I said earlier I'm done following you, I will do what needs to be done for this boy.

Orochimaru: What is with the sudden change?

Kabuto: Itachi Uchiha was right when he said I need to stop pretending to be what i'm not. I know i'm not perfect and I've had my wrong doings. But it's time for redemption!

Orochimaru: *draws sword of Kusunagi* Get out of my way Kabuto

Kabuto: You're still the same

Orochimaru: Madara can have the world if he wants too now, now that I have my precious Uchiha before me, my most treasured puzzle piece, the one with the key to unlock the secrets of this world is before me

Kabuto: Why does this even matter without the world?

Juugo: (Is this what Orochimaru has been planning!?)

*The scene switches to Madara*

Madara: Now then...about my eye *his fingers begin to reach for the Rinnegan*

Kakashi/Gaara: I don't think so! *Activates kamui and tries to Kamui madara* *Gaara sends sand toward Madara's hand*

Madara: !? *dodges and the mini bijuu bomb spheres that surround Madara go hurling at Naruto, Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi, and Minato

Group reaction: !?

Madara: It seems they managed to escape

*The scene switches to another FTG marked location where the group teleports to*

Sakura: Without Naruto's power we're all worthless...this war is lost *she looks sadly at Naruto*

Kakashi: If I can take him by surprise with Kamui I know I can hit him

Gaara: *stands up* What are we going to do about Naruto!?

Sakura: *Flash back of Chiyo explaining to her how Sakura managed to survive against Sasori when she should have died*

Sakura: I know what I have to do *tear comes down her eye*

Kakashi: Sakura! You!?

Is Sakura using Lady Chiyo's jutsu!?

Naruto 665 End.

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